What we do

Typical clients

Telecoms operators (fixed and mobile)

High-tech companies and equipment manufacturers

New entrants and startup companies

Regulators and government organisations

Utilities and other companies operating in TMT markets

Financial institutions and venture capital firms

Our work covers a broad spectrum, combining deep analysis with a hands-on and pragmatic approach...

Opportunity analysis
Market sizing and dynamics, forecasting, strategic options analysis, market entry strategy, technology assessment, competitor analysis.
Business planning
Demand forecasting, operating and capital cost analysis, cost/revenue/profitability modelling, analysis of economic drivers.
Strategic issues
Cost reduction, service and network costing, pricing, regulation, universal service, tariff rebalancing, asset valuation.
Change management
Corporate restructuring, new ventures, market expansion, programme management, product implementation.
Corporate finance
Detailed financial analysis, valuation, risk assessment, due diligence (commercial and technical), negotiation strategy, post-acquisition planning, exit strategy.

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